8 Prom Charter Bus Transportation Hire Tips For Parents

A Prom party is undoubtedly the most remarkable memory in a teen’s life. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, teens dance their hearts out to celebrate the completion of their school life. 

Both the parents and teens spend weeks planning and preparing for this unique party. But, what bothers parents the most is the safe transportation of their teens. It is probably because it is the first night the kids will spend alone. 

And it is where charter bus transportation service comes to the rescue. Besides providing safe transportation to and from the event, they keep the parents well informed about their children’s well-being. 

Here are some tips for parents to consider before hiring any transportation service:

  1. Appropriate communication channels

Before sending the kids, plan out an appropriate communication channel. Calling everyone on board will only lead to chaos and frustration among the kids. Their prom night is any way for them to enjoy and not spend answering your calls. 

Therefore, plan and confirm the details of the contact point and one backup contact. And make sure these contacts are well informed about their role. Communication is the key ingredient that will keep both ends well informed and at peace. 

  1. Coordinate and follow a general itinerary

Ensuring all your friends are on the same page if you plan to board the vehicle in groups is necessary. Therefore, keep your party more organized by knowing the details of everyone accompanying you. Know their contact details and when you will be picking them up to organize the trip accordingly.

Also, do not think of booking the chauffeured transportation at the last minute. Making reservations a couple of weeks before the party night will give the transport company enough time to provide you with flawless service.

This mindful planning weeks before your prom night will also save you from last-minute headaches and hustles. You and your parents will also be at peace because you will be well-prepared upfront.

  1. Involve the bus chauffeur

Involving the bus chauffeur is another essential thing that will keep you sane. Take their contact information to call them if you cannot contact your teen or the primary contact person. Inform the chauffeur upfront about his role in completing the communication circuit. 

  1. Stay updated

As a parent, it is your job to update yourself about everything surrounding your kids. It includes the transportation company, the chauffeur, the vehicles, and other people your children would be hanging around. 

Perform necessary research before hiring a charter bus transportation service. Google the reviews and pay attention to what the reviews have to save about these services. Also, do not fall into the trap of fake reviews. 

  1. A ‘prom promise’ could be a savior

As parents, you can request the chauffeur to offer a ‘prom promise.’ According to this promise, all the teens will sign a written agreement not to use any drugs or consume alcohol during prom night. It is to ensure everyone stays safe and parents are calm and satisfied.

  1. Review bus fleet 

Another imperative factor is extensively scrutinizing the bus fleet that would carry your teens. 

Are the vehicles new? If not new, are they in a proper condition to safely transport? What facilities do these vehicles offer? Are they branded vehicles or randomly picked from local shops? 

  1. Lay down guidelines

A prom night is all about teens, and there is lots of excitement and fun in the air. But as a parent, you can lay down specific rules for the teens. For example, you can list out the places they can visit after the party or mention their return deadline. 

And you can inform the chauffeur about the same; he has to make sure everyone strictly follows all the rules. 

  1. Are the buses licensed?

Companies must get licensed before conducting any public or private transportation service. Moreover, there are strict safety rules the companies have to follow. And the drivers should also possess a chauffeur license to drive the cargos or small vehicles.

You can cross-check all these eight parameters before allowing your teens to board the vehicle.

Safe transportation is what the parents look for while sending their teens away for a prom party. 

Whether it’s a prom party, dinners, or other events, charter bus transportation service excels in providing a remarkable experience. It ensures that your teens and their friends safely travel to and from this memorable night. And you as parents also feel relaxed without worrying about their safety. 

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