8 Ways To Travel Around Miami Without A Car

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to travel around Miami without a car? Well, the answer is yes! It is indeed possible to explore this magical city without a car. 

It is not a surprise because Miami is one of the United States’ best cities providing excellent public transportation. And to add to things, the widely popular charter bus transportation services fit most budgets. 

So the next time in Miami, you no longer need to hire expensive rental cars. And you don’t have to be stressed over the availability of parking spots, parking tickets, and valets. 

All you have to do is explore these alternative affordably priced traveling options to explore this city car-free:

1.     Charter bus

Charter buses are the most popular and eco-friendly option to travel. These buses are available 24 hours with a flexible schedule. Additionally, charter bus transportation provides attractive facilities like convenient operation, customized service, and a safe and comfortable journey.  

Moreover, you can plan a group trip with these buses, thus providing more fun at minimum expenditure.

2.     Metro mover

These modern metro movers are another excellent alternative to travel around Miami without a car. Operational from morning 5 a.m. to 12 a.m., they are free of charge and run without a driver. Additionally, there are security guards patrolling stations for security reasons.      

They operate on an independent structure raised above the streets. They thus provide an easy means of commuting on roads blocked with heavy traffic. 

Their network covers the famous art and entertainment districts Brickell, Downtown, and Park West. So you get to explore all the popular Miami attractions like Wynwood, mojitos, and American airlines using metro rail.

3.     Freebie

Initiated by two graduates from the University of Miami, Freebie is yet another impressive transportation service operating free of cost. It is a golf buggy driven by a private chauffeur.  

Though these eclectic vehicles offer only short rides, their network covers more than a dozen services across this beautiful city.  

They thus are a perfect option to commute between hotels, beaches, events, and local restraints. Besides, it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is download their app, choose your desired destination, confirm your pickup location, and your ride is ready!     

4.     Trolley

Trolleys are another complimentary transport option for your car-free trip. They come in an attractive vintage look with traditional leather straps and wooden chairs.  

These trolleys broadly wrap all the chief areas of Miami city like Downtown, south beach, and midtown. Furthermore, they are operational every day from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

5.     Citi bike

Citi Bike is the speediest transport service and convenient to use with its umpteen bike stations. You can hire Citi bikes from these stations as per your requirement, like for half an hour, an hour, or a day, or even longer duration. 

These bikes have baskets in the front for you to place your stuff.   They are affordably priced with hourly and monthly passes with unlimited access.   

6.   Metro rail

This transportation service runs daily from 5 a.m. till midnight on 25-mile tracks. It provides transportation to popular places like Downtown, Miami International Airport, Coral Gables, etc.  

It can link you up with high-speed rail services like Brightline to Lauderdale in a short span of 30 minutes.

7.    Hiking

Unlike most US cities that aren’t safe for pedestrians, Miami has adequate sidewalks and paths to explore the city on foot. For example, a short walking path of 2.5 miles takes you from Edgewater to south beach. However, if you prefer a long walk of 10 miles, you can always try the Miami river greenway.

8.    Metro bus

These buses are operational every day and cover approximately 93 routes. You can always hop onto one if you are thinking of traveling across the city of Miami without a car. 

You can use these bus transportation services to explore the tourist spots, events, and beaches. Moreover, they also cover Miami International Airport, making your commute much cheaper.   

Metro buses offer services 24×7; however, their schedule and service hours vary for different routes. So make sure to check on the route schedule before boarding a bus. 

The fare is $0.25 for mini shuttle buses, whereas Metro Buses charge a small $2.25.  

 With so many lucrative traveling options available, it is very convenient to travel car-free in Miami. Of the lot, charter bus transportation service is an excellent means of exploring the city, especially in a group.

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