Senior Club Charter Bus Rental

Senior Club charter bus rental

It is quite common to see how the elder population has become more and more active in the past few years. Joining clubs, who provide recreational activities to fit each and everyone’s liking. Sometimes, these activities take place in different locations, which is why it is necessary to consider a charter bus rental. Whether you need to move around a small or large group of people, it’s the perfect inversion to make.

Organizing such activities and trips can be stressful. Adding the extra weight of being responsible for the transportation and safe arrival of each person can be overwhelming. Which is why choosing to hand over that responsibility to someone more experienced is a wise decision to make.

We provide reliable, comfortable and safe transportation options for your group. Any activity you have planned. Bingo, luncheons, shopping or game nights, anything you have in mind, we can take you anywhere. Providing safe buses that can fit from 35 to 56 passengers. Also, we have an excellent team of experienced and professional drivers who will ensure you arrive safely at any destination you choose.

Do you a charter bus for a senior club?

Planning a recreational activity for a senior club, can prove difficult. Not only is it necessary to keep in mind the necessities of each citizen, in order to care for their health. So is trying to find and organize activities that everyone will enjoy, and remember fondly. There are many details to tend to, and some may seem unimportant, but taking care of these details will guarantee that your trip is a success.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is transportation. Some passengers may have special needs when it comes to transport, like needing a wheelchair accessible bus. Our charter bus rental services provide conditioned buses so the entire group feels as comfortable as possible and enjoys every single moment of the trip.

A charter bus rental is a great investment, since you won’t have to worry about driving the group around yourself. Being at the wheel, responsible for a group of people, small or large, can be a lot of pressure. We understand this, assigning professional drivers, that will transport your group in a safe way through all of the activities planned.

Benefits of senior club activities

Recreation plays a key role in the lives of the elderly. It can enhance their well-being and quality of life. Participating and getting involved in diverse recreational activities can lead to a feeling of satisfaction. Not only does it play an important role to make seniors feel active and younger by remaining socially active. But these activities can improve their health in a significant way. Some of the activities for seniors include:

  • Dancing.
  • Swimming.
  • Tennis.
  • Golf.
  • Gardening
  • Shopping
  • Bushwalking

One of the main concerns for the senior citizens is the fear of growing old and ‘useless’. Beating this stereotype is something that many people try to do. Being active and engaging in such activities, helps to keep a healthy and happy state of mind. Besides, if physical activity is performed regularly, it can help reduce the effects of aging. Such as limited strength, balance, mobility and flexibility.

Organizing a trip full of recreational activities for a senior club, will lead to happier, more active citizens. Many of them, had leisure activities in their youth, whether they were sports, arts, crafts. Knowing which members of the club enjoy what, can lead to a satisfactory trip. Also, it is important to try and not fall into stereotypes of what the elders enjoy. Finding and organizing fun activities that everyone will enjoy should be a priority.

Tips for a senior club charter bus rental

Coordinating a trip like this requires an incredible attention to details. A charter bus rental is a special detail that needs tending to. No matter if it is your first time organizing such activity or if you have done it a million times. These tips are meant to give you a clear idea of what you will be dealing with, when organizing a trip for elder citizens.

  1. Confirm who will be attending the trip. This should be done at least 8 months beforehand. This will allow you to give the reservation specialist an accurate count. Knowing the amount of people who will attend and their particular needs, will make it easier to plan the trip and fulfill each person’s requirements.
  2. Book your trip. Consider booking 6 months ahead of time. This will not only ensure availability for the date you have in mind, but it will also help you get the best pricing possible.
  3. Arrange every detail. A charter bus rental requires attention to details, in order to be successful. Choosing a bus with accessibility for wheelchairs, reclining seats, and enough space for each passenger can make a difference. Your main priority should be to keep the seniors comfortable, so they can enjoy the trip.
  4. Confirm your rental’s details. A month prior to the trip, you should confirm your reservation and make sure every detail is covered. From here, you should only worry about organizing the group to make sure everything goes according to planned.

Choose our senior club charter bus rental services

There are many reasons why choosing our services is an excellent choice. We provide 24/7, professional and first-class customer service. It is our priority to make sure every detail is tended to. Thus, making sure the trip you have carefully and thoroughly planned, is successful. We want to make sure every senior citizen gets the best experience out of the trip. Delivering the group safely to every destination. Our professional and courteous drivers, are experienced and trained to manage groups. We also have a fleet of deluxe buses equipped with reclining seats, clean restrooms and flat screen TVs. Our goal is, not only, to transport you safely to your programmed locations and activities, but to make the trip itself a pleasant experience. Choosing our charter bus rental services, is a decision that will benefit the senior club greatly.

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