Corporate Event Bus Rental

Corporate charter bus rental

A corporation is constituted of like-minded people working together to achieve a goal. In a group of corporates, travels tend to lend very well on their functions. Whether it’s a trip to the airport, or a convention, or maybe retreats, these all need a way of transportation. Coordinating the travel will ensure the success of whatever activity the team is set to do.

There are many aspects to take into consideration while organizing such an event. Hotel reservations, scheduling, and transportation. While organizing carpools may be a way to organize the group, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be on time. Waiting for people to show up will not only waste precious time, but it will add stress upon everyone. Thus, getting a charter bus service is the best option for the group.

Benefits of corporate bus rentals

Many of today’s business have made it a mission to improve group interactions. Team work is essential to achieving goals. As long as the employees have positive interactions with one another the company’s growth and profits will increase. Which is why it’s in the company’s best interest to come up with team-building strategies.

A way to reward the employees is to travel via deluxe mini buses or charter buses. There are many positive factors that come with using motor coach vehicles. Some of them include saving money on parking garage fees, gas or tolls. As well as an easier and better coordination of all employees. As they are traveling together, they will all arrive at the same time, and punctually.

Other benefits include the ability to keep working while on travel. Since our charter buses have electric outlets, and Wi-Fi, you can answer calls, e-mails or research anything while on the road. We have professional drivers that will guarantee your safety during the trip, and will ensure you arrive on time to any destination.

Tips to rent a charter bus

Once you’ve made the decision to rent a charter bus, you must look for the best bus company. The most important thing you must ensure is your employees’ safety. Which is why we offer a group of professional and experienced drivers along with the best fleet of buses in Miami.

There are many kinds of vehicles that could be rented for your charter. You can inquire about them in order to find whichever meets the group’s needs best. You can also ask about the onboard amenities available. If you’re only renting the bus for a day, you may not need as many amenities as you would for a several days’ trip. 

When it comes to the cost, you can request a quote and inquire about any additional fees. We offer excellent first-class service for a very affordable price. If you have any further doubts and concerns regarding the bus charter, can be discussed if you contact us.

Should I rent a mini-bus or a motor coach?

Mini-buses are smaller, executive-type charter buses, and they’re more compact than motor coaches. Our mini-buses typically accommodates up to 35 or so passengers, and feature rows of captain seats with a wide center aisle. However, they still have many of the same luxuries that a motor coach does. 

The most significant difference, is their sizes, a motor coach is much larger than a mini-bus. This allows for much more storage space and passengers capacity. While our mini-buses can accommodate up to 35 passengers, our motor coaches have a maximum capacity of 56 people. 

Whether it’s a mini-bus rental or a motor coach what you need for your charter relies mainly in the amount of people that will need transportation. If it’s a small group then a mini-bus will be just fine. Another deciding factor may be the amenities. If you need a lot of storage space for luggage or equipment, or an onboard restroom then a motor coach is a better option for you.

Benefits of a mini-bus rental

If you are to travel with a small group of people, then a mini-bus is the perfect way. Traveling as a group in a bus is an entirely unique experience. It will create memories and make your employees bond, which will lead to positive interaction and better results. There are many benefits to renting a mini-bus, amongst which we can find:

  1. Affordable costs. Since a mini-bus is much smaller the price is lower. The good thing about a mini-bus charter for several days is it will take you to all of your scheduled destinations.
  2. Comfortable transportation. Despite being called “mini-bus” these vehicles have enough space to make everyone in the group feel comfortable. With cushioned seats, Wi-Fi and DVD players, as well as TV screens, the trip is guaranteed to be stress-free.
  3. Efficiency. While traveling on a charter mini-bus may take longer than a plane, many people find it better. Primarily because of its simpler travel arrangements. Since the whole group leaves and arrives together, there are no delays.

Corporate bus rentals in Miami

If your company is located in the West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale areas, you must find a bus rental company near you. Miami Motor Coach offers a deluxe fleet of charter buses, ready to accommodate to your necessities, whichever the destination is. We have a group of reliable and professional drivers that will get you to your programmed activities safely and in time.

Having a professional and safe driver will take some worries off your shoulders and will allow you to fully enjoy the trip. Whether you are going to a convention or an employees’ retreat, your focus should be on bonding and forging positive relationships. Additionally, all of the amenities these vehicles provide will make you feel as comfortable as one can be while on the road.

By renting a charter bus, you will be relieved of the worries that come with having your employees traveling individually. No luggage will get lost, no flights will be delayed. Since the whole group leaves and returns together there is no time to be wasted. Charter bus rental is the best decision to make if you want your trip to be a success.

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