Schools And Colleges Bus Rental

What is a charter bus?

A charter bus, also called motor coach is a vehicle reserved for the private use of a group, organization or business. When traveling in an ordinary bus, you travel along a set bus route. A charter bus will take you straight to your desired location, and only make stops if the plan requires it. Which is why a charter bus rental is the perfect solution for any trip you want to make.

Another difference between an ordinary and a charter bus is its appearance. The latter has panoramic windows, and under these, there are doors which allow for storage space for luggage and equipment. On the inside you’ll find several lines of cushioned seats, for passengers. Most full-sized buses also have a bathroom at the very back. There are bins above the seats to keep smaller bags and personal belongings.

Schools and colleges bus rental

When it comes to planning safe and reliable field trips for either schools or colleges, our team is the go-to choice. Whether it’s a sports team, a theatre group, or even the school band, charter bus rentals are a safe way to travel. We are prepared to accommodate any number of students and staff required.

We provide a number of benefits, which include: reclining, comfortable seats, LCD Monitors, Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms. All of these will ensure a comfortable travel for all of the students, from any schools and colleges to any of the events scheduled. In addition, Miami Motor Coach counts with multiple types of buses. From mini-buses conditioned for 35 passengers to a Setra bus with maximum capacity of 56 passengers.

Charter bus rental for schools

If you find yourself needing to transport a group of students, you must consider the many benefits of charter bus rental. Whether from middle school or high school, there are countless pros to renting a bus. Some of these include:

  1. “Green” travel. Choosing to travel by bus uses less fuel per person than you would do if you were to travel by car. A fully loaded charter bus will get almost 5 times the amount of fuel efficiency compared to a fully loaded car.
  2. Reduce stress. Driving around new places and dealing with a large group of kids can be very stressful. We have drivers that can help you put your mind at ease during the travel and help you concentrate on more important things.
  3. Safety rating. Charter bus travels are one of the most secure ways to travel. This type of transportation has a lower percentage of accidents and injuries than any other form of travel.
  4. Save Money. If you divide the cost of the rental amongst each individual, you will find it less expensive per person. It will also be less than any other form of transportation.

Charter bus rentals for college activities

Whether it’s a road trip, following the team to their away games, or even Spring Break. College kids have many activities that require transportation. While these trips often create memories, they can be cramped, uncomfortable, and all too frequently, dangerous. Which is why a charter bus rental service is ideal in these cases. 

One of the main benefits is its safety. College road trips are often long, tiresome and uncomfortable. Mixed with a group of college students wanting to have a good time, may be a very dangerous combination. However, traveling in a bus, with a professional driver, removes much of the dangers on the road.

Usually college students have a very tight budget, thus, renting a bus is a cost-effective choice. The greatest benefit is these trips create memories. Traveling as a group allows for camaraderie to surface. Renting a charter bus helps create and maintain the fun, eliminating all problematic aspects of a road trip.

Guide to charter bus rental

Planning a field trip, college tour, road trip or even an away game of a sports team can be very challenging. Some event planners prefer to organize carpools, but these only makes it easier for group members to arrive late. Besides, it defeats the purpose of a group trip, if the group is not traveling together. The best way for everyone to travel safely is by charter bus.

One of the most important decisions to make is which type of bus to rent, we operate a modern variety of buses. These include Setra buses, which can accommodate from 39-56 passengers, Van Hool buses, from 36-56 passengers, MCI buses with capacity from 35-56 passengers. If you are going to transport a smaller group, then you may need a mini bus, which can accommodate up to 35 passengers.

We provide safe, professional and courteous drivers. When you make your reservation, you must provide an itinerary, including every destination’s address and drop-off times and pickup times. You should also add any stops that require a significant amount of time. Make sure to make your reservation with enough time in advance.

Charter bus rental Miami

If you are planning a field trip or college tour around the Fort Lauderdale area, you must look for the best bus rental company. Miami Motor Coach provides economical, practical and deluxe charters. The larger seating capacity and additional storage spaces, are one of the main advantages of our fleet of vehicles. Additionally, our charter buses have Wi-Fi, DVD players, flat-screen TV’s, MIC systems and clean restrooms.

Our team of drivers can take you to any destination you desire. We have experience planning travels for schools and colleges around the country. A charter bus provides ample space for everyone in the group and the baggage. You’ll be better equipped to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the trip together, while bringing along all of their necessary belongings.

Having a professional and safe driver will take some worries off your shoulders and will allow you to fully enjoy the trip. Whether for a school or college students, the best choice for any kind of group activity, when it comes to charter bus rental, is Miami Motor Coach. 

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