Weddings Bus Rental

Bus Rental for Weddings

Planning a wedding is a difficult task, the venue, the date, the theme, there are many things to consider. With so much on your plate, some things may slip, like the transportation of your guests. While it is not necessary for you to provide a shuttle for your guests, it does help make the whole process easier. Charter bus rental might be just what you need. 

Trying to handle all the rides on your own can lead to a very stressful evening that should only be filled with joy. Even if you have a planner to help you with these kinds of matters. If guests do not arrive on time, or there is at least one person of your entourage missing, it can pose a problem. Your peace of mind the day of your wedding is vital for your full enjoyment of the ceremony and the reception.

Charter bus rental services offer a stress-free solution to all possible transportation issues. We can help you transport your guests between venues, ensuring none of them gets lost or arrives late. We can work alongside your wedding planner to make sure all of our loved ones and friends arrive safely on time. 

What kind of charter bus should I rent?

While a shuttle service may seem like an unnecessary detail, especially for locals, it could make a drastic difference for out-of-towners. It’s best to provide your guests with a safe transportation vehicle to take them between venues on your wedding day. Not only will it take the stress off your guests, since they won’t have to navigate through traffic to get there. It will also take the stress off of you, knowing everybody will arrive on time.

A big bus company often has different types of charter buses available for rent. Choosing the right one for your wedding day is as important as choosing the right dress or flowers. Depending on the number of people that will need transportation you can choose a motor coach or a mini-bus. This will also depend on your budget and you must take into account what your guests’ needs may be.

Mini-bus rental for weddings

Perhaps, the perfect means of transportation to shuttle your guests is a mini-bus or mini-coach. Mainly because of its cost-effectiveness. Transporting a large group of people can be a bit expensive, however, with a mini-bus, you’ll end up spending less per passenger. These vehicles specialize in short-distance trips. Renting one can make a huge difference for your guests and wallet on your wedding day.

You can even customize how luxurious you want your guests’ transportation to be. From providing champagne to your guests to having a slide-show of you and your spouse-to-be on the minibus’ screens. You can inquire about what’s available and as long as you can provide it, there will be no problem with these special requests. Other amenities include Wi-Fi, cushioned and reclining seats and air conditioning.

You may be wondering why is it necessary to rent a mini-bus if your hotel provides the same service. Hotel shuttle services tend to accommodate their own schedules. Besides, they have limited proximity and space, only driving within a 3-5 miles radio. They also need to accommodate hotel guests who aren’t attending your wedding. A private vehicle for the shuttle services guarantees everyone stays on schedule.

Benefits of a charter bus rental for your wedding

Not only will it help you reduce stress, but renting a mini-bus or motor coach has many advantages. You can decorate it and arrive in style. A big part of a wedding is its decoration, your guests’ transportation shouldn’t be an exception. You can add your wedding colors using banners and balloons and wrap the vehicle with your names. All you have to do is discuss all these possibilities with your representative.

Another benefit is the possibility to ride privately with your spouse and your wedding guests. Although most of the time, limos are the preferred vehicle, they limit space and comfort. Mini-buses can accommodate from 18 to 35 people, while motor coaches can accommodate from 35-56 people. This leaves plenty of space for passengers to spread out. You can get the party started on the way to your reception.

Steps to take for a successful bus rental

Whether you are organizing your wedding on your own or have a planner to help you, there certain steps to take. You can’t simply rent a bus a day prior to your wedding and expect everything to work out. First, you must plan your guest list, so you can determine the size and needs of your wedding and transportation.

Then you must pick your venues for the ceremony and reception, as well as the hotel you and your guests will stay in. You can’t really plan anything else until your venues are booked. You won’t be able to book transportation until you have the address of your starting and final location.

Once you’ve booked your venues you must need to figure out how much time you’ll need the bus for. Often times, shorter trips are charged by the hour. Which is why you must know the length of the rental before requesting a quote. Set your mini-bus budget and examine which guests will need transportation. Ideally providing shuttle services for your guests at your designated hotel will make things run smoothly.

Then you should research the size of the bus you’ll need as well as the size of your wedding party. Confirm any special amenities wanted and book your vehicle from 3-6 months in advance. Then, all you’ll need to do is confirm all the details so there are no mishaps and enjoy your wedding day.

Weddings charter bus rentals in Miami

If your special day is set to take place in the Fort Lauderdale then Miami Motor Coach is your best option. We provide excellent vehicles with various amenities. We also have professional, reliable and courteous drivers to safely transport your guests and wedding party. A charter bus rental for your wedding day is sure to be one of the best decisions you’ll make for a wonderful day, free of transportation worries.

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